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A birthday drawing

Hello gentle tumblrs, i will be in the artists alley at Kincon(http://www.facebook.com/events/165067873634283/), being held tomorrow(25th of May) at the Blairgowrie Recreation centre. I will be selling prints of the above image and others and doing sketches and whatnot. So come on down and please bring cash monies!!

Some sketches from a live Big Band thing we went to watch tonight

This year’s christmas presents for my family were dvds(or a book in one case) with a hand drawn cover. Here are some of them(cause i forgot to scan the others before wrapping). if there is one thing i learned this christmas, it’s that Danny Trejo is amazingly fun to draw

Buttseye, the Asshole Avenger

A birthday present for a friend - a portrait of her as a superhero

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